Climate Partnership

​Boosting your CSR profile
will also benefit your bottom line

Historical partnership

saves the climate from 200,000 tons
of CO2

Have you considered the sustainability requirements from authorities and customers?
Do you want to work more strategically with climate targets and energy efficiency?

Become a climate partner and gain unique benefits:

  • Get expert advice and sparring from experienced advisers
  • Have your climate strategy translated into specific actions
  • Become part of a large climate partner network
  • Support the production of renewable energy in Denmark
  • Use the climate partnership and the enhanced CSR profile for commercial opportunities.

Prepare for the increasing climate requirements

If you enter a climate partnership agreement with us, we will equip you to meet the increasing climate requirements from customers, investors and authorities. Over the years, we have concluded partnerships with approximately 100 large Danish companies.

What we do

In collaboration with you, we define the long-term climate objectives and on this basis, we prepare a catalogue of all the areas with specific optimisation potential. This may be everything ranging from waste management to replacement of ventilation systems and training of climate ambassadors. Once this is in place, we launch the initiatives and ensure a continuous focus on the results. Definition of objectives – Catalogue of possible areas – Launch of initiatives – Continuous focus on results

Climate investment

As a climate partner, you also support the development of renewable energy in Denmark. This is done through climate investment, where you meet your energy consumption needs using bio natural gas and/or power from Danish offshore wind farms. DONG Energy then invests the net income from your investment in new renewable energy projects. We call it climate investment and it adds yet another CSR card to your hand and, of course, compensates you for your CO2 emissions.

Does it make a difference?

One thing is the visible savings on your energy budget, another is your enhanced CSR profile. We put a lot of effort into communicating the contribution and the results to investors, customers and employees, among other things as an important tool to emphasise and differentiate your company in the market.

Become part of a large network

As a climate partner, your company becomes part of a network of approximately 100 large Danish companies, meeting several times a year to share experiences and get new inspiration from some of the leading experts in the field

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